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Meme to prove I'm right and you are not

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Meme to prove I'm right and you are not

Comments for: Meme to prove I'm right and you are not
quasi Report This Comment
Date: September 03, 2021 04:15PM

Peter Puller Report This Comment
Date: September 06, 2021 09:07PM

Ahh, "fear as a virtue", that thing that is presented on FOX News and at right-wing political rallies when other people do not agree with you and your viewpoint does not jibe with science and fact. I have no problem saying the masked and vaccinated are smug, I have my moments, simply because all these people who run around without either of those protective measures and snark on those who do are exposed wide open to the virus. Every couple days there's a news story about somebody in the hospital, whether that winds up being their deathbed or nearly so, that has changed their tune because they realized from firsthand experience they were wrong. (And then there have been a couple who still rode that train over the cliff as it killed them, how punk rock!) Fear of something you can't see with the naked eye but can kill you, be it high voltage electricity or a poison gas or a virus, isn't an unjust fear. Fear of what leaders have told you to be afraid of that it would take you 30 seconds to research to find out you're being fed a scary fiction, that's an unjust fear, one some people simply wouldn't have any power without.
Quasi Tube Report This Comment
Date: September 10, 2021 10:09PM

Youtube to you too, Quasi! you Youtube person!