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Re: Image comments for another Toon MILF
Posted by: southboundtrain
Date: 20/02/2005 11:39PM
Looks like I should have researched before opening my mouth.

"In May 1991, Pixar entered into the Feature Film Agreement with Walt Disney Pictures for the development and production of up to three computer animated feature films to be marketed and distributed by Disney. It was pursuant to the Feature Film Agreement that Toy Story was developed, produced, and distributed. In February 1997, Pixar entered into the Co-Production Agreement (which superseded the Feature Film Agreement) with Disney pursuant to which we, on an exclusive basis, agreed to produce five original computer-animated feature-length theatrical motion pictures for distribution by Disney. Pixar and Disney agreed to co-finance the production costs of the Picture, co-own the Picture, co-brand the Picture, and share equally in the profits of each Picture and any related merchandise as well as other ancillary products, after recovery of all marketing and distribution costs, a distribution fee paid to Disney, and other fees and costs, such as participations to talent and the like. The first four original Pictures under the Co-Production Agreement were A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles, which were released in November 1998, November 2001, May 2003, and November 2004, respectively. Toy Story 2, the theatrical sequel to Toy Story, was released in November 1999, and is also governed by the Co-Production Agreement although it does not count towards the five original Pictures. We are currently in various stages of production on the remaining Picture under the Co-Production Agreement, Cars (June 9, 2006)."

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