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Re: Image comments for political
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 08/03/2008 06:57AM
Remember the political justification in having the ideal team of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were at loggerheads and were later the team to beat Nixon's Team in 1960 ! Carter and Mondale : Same ! Reagan and Bush were at it and teamed to beat Carter and go one more round for the Gipper ! Bush and Quayle did it as Quayle was handpicked ! How about Clinton and Gore knockout Bush and do one more as : Cumback Kid with Monica ! Woohoo , Serbia ! Anyhow , Gore and Leiberman and every pundit : GORE / McCain ! Gore and Leiberman stayed tandem as team : People Godwilling : Electoral College : Not ! Too bad : Gore and Leiberman ! Kerry and Edwards loggerheads then team ! Kerry / Edwards ! Pundits : Kerry / McCain ! Both Kerry and Edwards dispell it as McCain but lose one as Kerry/Edwards ! Now Hillary and Obama ! Obama and Hillary ! Loggerheads join and win as team ! Big Fundraising Conscious Duo Outspent Outrank and Dems Vote in Primaries Carryover Hopefully as Team Win White House ! No More Fraticide From Ranks ! We need Obama / Hillary ! Hillary / Obama ! Demos : Delegates : Voters : Do Win : BOTH AS TEAM !

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