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Re: Image comments for NICE ROOTS
Posted by: -----------------------------------------------------
Date: 27/09/2012 12:10AM
Dr. Laura was seen skinnydipping at : Thuh Mansion : Mogul - AL GOLDSTEIN !! T'was the Birthday Bash For - Ona Zee !! Anyways, Dr. Laura happened to be drinking and decided on a : Tats - For her back !! AL & Birthday Bashee Ona told Laurie Tats for the back is to be nuda and scoota outta - Dem's Attire ! Oooh , laa laa la , Yesirreeee , All Nakey Laurie , dododododuit !! Here She Is Burmese Hemp Tree Design !! Yesirreee , All clownNakey Laurie !!

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