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Re: Image comments for Truth of marriage
Posted by: jgoins
Date: 11/03/2017 12:01PM
Well I never paid a hospital bill in my life even when I had no insurance in the past, I just didn't pay it. I am not proud of it but once I owed over $30 in debt with credit cards and other stuff so I just stopped paying and ignored all calls and bills and after 7 years none can do anything about it because of the statute of limitations. The only debts in this country that never go away are IRS and student loans. I even had a judgement against me for $8,000 one time and nothing ever came of it, now it is even off my credit. People need to stop being afraid of creditors, there is very little they can do to collect because of all the protections we have under the law. Now when I get a doctor bill each month I just send them $25 each month until it is paid off and there is nothing they can do to collect it.

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