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Re: Image comments for CrazyPete v NZtrannie
Posted by: GAK67
Date: 19/08/2020 09:43AM
@bill. - You obviously have no fuckin idea of NZ politics. Most of what you have said is opinion, and you're entitled to that opinion. However, you said that she postponed the election due to not having the support to win. In reality, if the election was held now, or even on the original due date (which was brought forward from when NZ traditionally has elections, due to a number reasons at the time it was announced) she probably would win in a landslide victory, without the need of support of the minor parties, if the polls are to be believed, even just a little. Even the leader of the opposition was pushing for a delay to the election, and for her it probably was so she had more time to get the poll numbers up. Don't start mouthing off about things you clearly don't understand.

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