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Re: Image comments for Australia. Last shop for 620 miles.
Posted by: woberto
Date: 19/05/2023 11:52AM
Since 1836 Texas has built and maintained it's economy on slave labour.
California caught on and now almost all of the USA is propped up by Mexican slaves.
Oy yeah you got oil baby but all of your primary produce comes from slave labour.
Milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, corn & wheat would never make it to market without your Mexican slaves.
Tar/pitch and paper a roof? Mexicans.
Wood frame a house? Mexicans.
Get new tyres (tires for you yanks) for you car? Mexicans.
I don't call that an economy Kim.
Your country is fucked.
They will out breed you and your kids 5 to 1.
All those big numbers you mentions don't make your standard of living any better.
But in Australia, those numbers are directly related to my standard of living.
That's the hard part for an economy, wealth generation.

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