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Re: Image comments for Twenty Years of #plus613
Posted by: woberto
Date: 21/10/2023 11:33AM
"We appreciate you pulse."
Is what my workplace sensitivity training would tell me to say.

To make you feel better, here is the current state of your sworn enemy's website.

"We attempted to do this migration a few days ago, and ran into immediate and constant problems. Most of them were self inflicted stupidity, but we eventually patched this thing together and got it moved. We appreciate the support during that time and glad we were able to get it moved over successful

Why you move servers ? We found a newer, faster, better server for much less money. The new server will allow us to keep running said website just as we have for almost 20 years without having to worry about keeping the lights on. Running Meme websites isn't exactly the most profitable thing in the world in this day with Giant tech monopolies controlling all of the traffic and money on the internet. So, finding some less expensive hosting was a good step for us to continue on with our shit posting and degenerate content. Hope you will all keep joining us for years to come."

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