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Re: Image comments for Twenty Years of #plus613
Posted by: pulse
Date: 22/10/2023 08:20AM
Congratulations and stuff. Sorry that I haven’t been around much. The political shit is just that, shit. It was way more fun in the days of badly photoshopped celebrity faces on random porn pictures and Shadez going off on religious holidays. It was sort of fun being a moderator too, but what was really fun was meeting Shadez Fossildigger and Mr Kim in the real world, that made the crazy on this website fun. Well that’s all I have to say about that.

That's cool that something good came from the site. I wonder how many users have met each other over the years? Back towards the start there was a big UK contingent that I think had some little meetups too. Very sad, I've never met anybody from the site. Though maybe passed woberto passed out under the bridge near my old place, who knows? smiling smiley

Yeah the political shit is shit. I couldn't care less about any of it, but whatever, it's up to people to upload what they're interested in. Apparently a lot of people love it, I dunno why. Anybody who loves a politician is a fruitcake.

There's been a lot of assholes over the years; but there's been some genuinely cool people.

woberto; I fully understand the pain of moving servers/hosting. Especially the most recent move which I did by myself and effectively had to both reinstall all the hosting systems from scratch, with no list of the software we depend on (and I wasn't smart enough to note it down this time, either.. wonder what the shell history has); but also upgrade both code and versions of that software since the versions we were relying on were the better part of like 10 years old. Now everything is up to date and shiny and new. Until the next thing breaks something.. like FastCGI. Again.

It's still a complex beast, this site. More than it needs to be. But hopefully it's designed in such a way that it's as fast as it can be. It flies for me; even though it's hosted like 30 metres from where I'm sitting, even when I use it I have to go out to the internet and back so it should be representative; at least for Australian users. US/Euro users it will be slower.

Also, goats.

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