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Re: Image comments for Twenty Years of #plus613
Posted by: pulse
Date: 23/10/2023 04:51AM
World domination is always the goal.

Sorry to say, I don't have any real plans; I think I posted in the forum when I made the last hardware switch to this platform that it was likely the last work that would ever happen here. There'll likely never be another meaningful code change, just a little bit of back end tuning.

Eg, to let you know my coding skills I can't figure out for the life of me why after reading PLP's comment and modifying the upload page, it still tells you to go to porn613. Where the fuck does that live if not in the code? Why is it still doing that? I've removed that line.

Cached by one of the proxy nodes? Cached by cloudflare? Fucked if I know smiling smiley If it's still there tomorrow I'll look more.

One day I'll draw a logical diagram of how this all hangs together. It's quite interesting. At least to me smiling smiley

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