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Kid takes after Kim
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Kid takes after Kim

"a group of women and a boy posing for a picture"

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Comments for: Kid takes after Kim
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 06, 2016 02:07AM

"Yeah, when I was just head high to 2 beautiful sets of tits ..."

Kinda reminds me of an incident at a Hooters.

Our car club had gathered there for dinner before headin out for a night at the track. One of my buddies had his cute 3yr old in tow and they plopped him in a high chair. Then all the waitresses came over and were standing behind his high chair leanin over remarking on how cute lil Matthew was. Matthew leaned his head back and with an ear to ear smile just started rollin it from side to side takin in the excellent view of all those tits right there in his lil face.

I bet anyone at the table would have easily slapped down a $50 for the same priviledge!

Fast forward a month or so down the road and Matthews dad, Matthew, myself and a customer met up at another Hooters to discuss the customers upcoming build.

The waitress sits Matthew in a high chair again and is cooing over how cute he is when Matthew reaches his hands up to her and she picks him up while she's talkin to us about our order. She has him resting on her hip and Matthew just reaches over and grabs a handful of her nice tit. She acts like nothin is goin on and even takes him for a walk around the place to show her buddies this cute kid before bringin him back to the table.

That was one lucky kid!!

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woberto Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2016 07:47AM