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"a screenshot of a social media post"

Comments for: Denial
Peter Puller Report This Comment
Date: August 11, 2023 09:06PM

Level of cuckery: OVER 9000
Anon Report This Comment
Date: August 12, 2023 05:45AM

Let's view this from a scientific perspective:

It's quite possible that either one's mother, or less likely, grandmother, err... introduced! that's it... the distinctive genes shown, and now is when they popped up. I won't accept great grandmother as genes tend to be watered down over generations and it's more than just skin colour we see there.

It's possible. It's also possible someone took a photograph of a couple who adopted some black kids and wrote a fake news story to fit a narrative, or as psy-ops, but that will be caught out in time.

Or... well...
Onyma Report This Comment
Date: August 16, 2023 11:55PM

Voting for a fake story over a photo. Why? Supposedly this "made headlines" but if you Google "George and Lisa Venter" all you get is people talking about this meme photo. I didn't find a single "headline". There is also no citation / copyright info on the photo caption, no news outlet name, nothing. Pretty certain someone made this up.

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woberto Report This Comment
Date: August 17, 2023 01:13AM

On ya ma' FFS get a grip dude.
Negroids (you know the race? There are 3 races remember...) do not pass on genetics like other races.
They have recessive genes an the so called hidden genes don't seem to survive interbreeding
Of course, this unsubstantiated claim has led many W-height Sepremissest to assume they are superior.
And is therefore used to shut down any discussion about this in the modern internet world.

Also, this is the internet and the story above is not real, you know that right?

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pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: February 10, 2024 05:17PM

Dr. Debra Faushay is a parody account.