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Gina Rinehart picking a fight with artists about art
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Gina Rinehart picking a fight with artists about art

"a man and woman pointing at a painting"

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Comments for: Gina Rinehart picking a fight with artists about art
woberto Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2024 06:44AM

The abadidgeree man is being deliberately disrespectful and it's probably just an attention seeking exercise.
However there is nothing wrong with that! Go for it.
Gina should toughen up.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2024 03:30AM

Two men, Hancock and Bennett, agreed on what they thought was a foolproof way to pass on their respective wealths to their descendants. Interesting that you never hear of the Bennetts. They like it that way. They keep their noses out of everyone's faces.

There are three media projects going on about the train wreck that happened to the Hancock family. Whilst these are happening she writes another chapter... this.

Media projects... visual, audio, words... she's fighting a member of a profession, not involved in those projects, who are masters of the visual. "A man has his day in war as in other things; I myself shall be good for it another six years, after which even I shall have to stop." - Napoleon, seven years before he invaded Russia.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2024 05:30AM

The abadidgeree man is being deliberately disrespectful and it's probably just an attention seeking exercise.

The picture and the photo look the same to me.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2024 09:42AM

Imagine a political party charging members $500 a year. It raises all the money it needs from them and listens to what they want. Imagine a political party that charges 1% of that. It teaches its members to ignore what the public want: "Explain our policies", there are people in it who ignore what the members want and it does what the donors want. She's a key donor.

Gina Rinehart reminds me of one of my grandmothers (deceased): the poor shouldn't have money as they don't know what to do with it, so she should have it. It was her view and that of the circles she moved in on Sydney's north. People who would happily adjust the system to deprive the many and benefit them, call it moral and just and attend church on Sunday. She did. They would singularly fail to understand that Gina would see them the same way and use her donor status to do to them.

Imagine a plan: the party will compel every firearms owner in New South Wales to belong to a gun club, in the largest club they can be subjected to various techniques to suppress dissent. To obtain or renew a licence, a fee of $90 will to be paid to a private company, The Firearms Safety Awareness Council of Australia, that donates to the same party and pays directors fees. The management of that gun club agreed to something (I don't know what). Clever?

In the party your place on the social ladder can give you a career. Those directors would boost theirs. There are never enough careers, so ensuring it's a house of desperate social climbers.

The then Premier of New South Wales, Nicholas Greiner, from that party, walked into a room, slammed some papers on the table, said "I'm sick of this", swore and sacked the room. Including the members of the gun club who were to recommend at least part of the plan, and expressed dismay out loud in front of the witnesses present (I heard this in person from one of them and was one handshake away from Greiner at the time). The party got rid of him. His replacements tried to effectively decriminalise rape in New South Wales, as so many girls who stood up against disarmament were raped.

The social climbers knew this, then didn't know the suburb of Wahroonga existed, as the Greiners live there. After the economic fuss of 2000 some of them moved there, but 1988 to 2000 is a long time and it can be instantly forgotten.

If the desperate social climbers gain a whiff of Gina no longer being in vogue they won't know her name. If she continues to play the game she must continue to be a goddess to the party, she has to get rid of the painting.

Look at the artist. He lives in the desert. He has nothing to lose if the party denies him access to 'society' in the capital cities. There's nothing they can do to him except threaten art galleries that host his work. They are out of power everywhere on the mainland. It can do nothing but threaten. In Australian politics threats, quite often, cannot be carried out. His grandfather was also a famous artist in his own right. He is literally the beginning of pedigree. Any fool can inherit money.

He is a hard target, and the beginning of a quality one. I think the Napoleon quote is apt. How hard did Gina think this through?