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Comments for: political
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 08, 2008 06:57AM

Remember the political justification in having the ideal team of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were at loggerheads and were later the team to beat Nixon's Team in 1960 ! Carter and Mondale : Same ! Reagan and Bush were at it and teamed to beat Carter and go one more round for the Gipper ! Bush and Quayle did it as Quayle was handpicked ! How about Clinton and Gore knockout Bush and do one more as : Cumback Kid with Monica ! Woohoo , Serbia ! Anyhow , Gore and Leiberman and every pundit : GORE / McCain ! Gore and Leiberman stayed tandem as team : People Godwilling : Electoral College : Not ! Too bad : Gore and Leiberman ! Kerry and Edwards loggerheads then team ! Kerry / Edwards ! Pundits : Kerry / McCain ! Both Kerry and Edwards dispell it as McCain but lose one as Kerry/Edwards ! Now Hillary and Obama ! Obama and Hillary ! Loggerheads join and win as team ! Big Fundraising Conscious Duo Outspent Outrank and Dems Vote in Primaries Carryover Hopefully as Team Win White House ! No More Fraticide From Ranks ! We need Obama / Hillary ! Hillary / Obama ! Demos : Delegates : Voters : Do Win : BOTH AS TEAM !
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 08, 2008 12:08PM

If the both run as a team regardless of who is at the top of the ticket and win the general election then this country is doomed.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 08, 2008 06:09PM

Country aint doomed already?
HELLO are you asleep
We are borrowing money from japan for oil and money from china to help pay for the war.
That fukn dollar in your pocket went from 1.02 euros to 1.62 (or .50 cent)
The Canadian dollar is worth more.
You had your fukn chance for 8years and Bush will leave office bankrupting this country. Good work,
Stay home and dont vote.
67,000 Americans lost jobs LAST month. REal Americans are hurting with your fukt up policies. How about joining the team and invest in America.

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 15, 2008 10:07AM

With 95% employed I would say we aren't quite so fucked up. Except for the oil companies greed we aren't too bad off. The national debt will not destroy us, but a president who will not protect us from those who wish to destroy us will. Neither Obama nor Clinton can or will protect us.